5 Tips to a Better Attitude in 2021

5 Tips to be in a better mood during this pandemic

YOU are 100% responsible for your attitude, no matter what you are dealing with in life. It’s not what happens to you. It’s how you react and what you do next.

This pandemic has been unbelievably challenging for millions of people all over the globe. For those of us in the United States, when you combine the pandemic with the bizarre behavior of our outgoing President after the election, most of us don’t even want to turn the television news on. It’s nearly enough to make an optimist sad. So, I’m sharing five tips to help you remain positive or at least hopeful during this pandemic.

  1. Practice Gratitude
  2. Give yourself a ‘check-up from the neck up’.
  3. Positive Self-talk 
  4. Watch YouTube videos instead of TV.
  5. Share more time with people who enjoy life.

Are you practicing a daily ritual for gratitude?

  1. Practice Gratitude: There are so many things in life that are NOT controlled by us but can impact our mood or outlook. The weather, how people behave, global stock markets, politicians and what people say about us, are just a handful of things we can’t really control. One of the things that we are in control of every day, 24/7 or at least while we are awake are the thoughts we think. Here’s a tip that will help you feel better about life, despite any crisis we have to deal with. Each morning when you wake up and every evening before you close your eyes for bed, invest one or several minutes to think of what you are grateful for. Check this YouTube video with Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

What are you grateful for?

What are you grateful for?  Family, friends, relationship, health, career and where you live are a few examples. When you focus on what you are grateful for, your mind attracts more and more things to be grateful for. (insert law of attraction and link to the Secret).   Gratitude helps us see what we have in our life, instead of what isn’t in our life. When things change inside you, things change around you. I can’t explain how it happens, but I can tell you it works and has worked for more years than you and I have been around.

Read a book by Jack Canfield during the holidays

You may also enjoy The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. This link allows you to download a portion of his book for FREE.

Try this simple gratitude exercise each morning and evening for twenty-eight days. Notice how much better and calm you feel. Share the idea with your family and friends, then notice how they feel. Some of the best things in life are quite simple, yet so powerful.

Mel Robbins and many others talk about the Gratitude exercise.

2. Take a Personal Inventory

 Give yourself a check-up from the neck up! 

I’ve asked thousands of audiences to describe the words they use when they talk to themselves. I was curious what they thought when they look in the mirror, because most people are far too critical of themselves. Their answers didn’t surprise me because I’ve studied the power of thoughts since I was fifteen years old.

This mental boost exercise will take thirty minutes

Try this exercise instead and you’ll notice that you feel more energized, confident and proud. Make a list on a pad of paper, or computer or even your phone. Take a personal inventory of ALL the things you LIKE and, maybe even LOVE about yourself. I know it’ll feel weird at first, but just keep going at it. How many things should you list? Write as many things as you can think of. Then, call a close friend and ask them what they like about you. You’ll have quite a long list when you complete this exercise.

Help a friend create a personal inventory to boost their attitude

By the way, if you know a friend who is down in the dumps, I suggest you help them complete a personal inventory. 2020 has been a nightmare for so many people, so I encourage you to help boost someone’s spirits this month because people need it!

4. Positive Self-talk will boost your self-esteem and confidence

 You’ll have 60,000 thoughts today, yes 60,000 thoughts! How many will be considered compliments and positive self-talk? Research shows that more than 90% of the thoughts you have about yourself are negative. People criticize themselves for not being enough and what they consider their shortcomings. WHY???   

Are you dumping garbage on your self-esteem?

Imagine if someone came into you home with a bucket of garbage, then threw it all over your kitchen and living room. You’d probably scream, “What are you doing dumping garbage all over my home?”  Yes, most people dump garbage on their mind every day.

Today, you’ll have 60,000 thoughts!

Stop it, because it doesn’t help you be happier. Please, just stop self-sabotage criticism. It’s not getting you anywhere and in fact, it’s blocking you from achieving more in life. Talk to yourself like you are talking to someone you love, because you should love yourself. That’s the starting point of healthy relationships. Check out the YouTube video with Mel Robbins.

Mel Robbins is someone you should listen to for 15 minutes daily

  • How much TV do you watch each day?  Do you waste time watching the news because you wonder if you’ve missed anything? If you do, how do you feel while you watch the so-called Breaking News?  It’s not really any news that will make a difference in your life, at least not most of it. The 6am news is the same blah blah blah as the noon, 5pm and 11pm news. It’s a lot of negative stories combined with a lot of dumb commercials. When you think about watching the news, I want you to ask yourself a very simple question. “Is this the best use of my time right now?”
  • Stop wasting valuable time watching TV news

What else could you do with that time that would make a difference in your life?  Granted, Netflix and some of the other apps do offer some entertaining movies to entertain you. I’m okay with watching something entertaining, inspiring or even mindless. But the news? Instead of watching thirty minutes of TV news, check your computer to take a look at world or local news, because it will take ten minutes and you can use the remaining time to do something you enjoy and benefit from.

5. Share more time with people you enjoy being with.   Notice how you feel around the people you spend time with. Some people are absolute downers because it seems like all they do is complain. Other friends make you feel so darn happy, that you’d like to share every day with them. Do more of the latter. Share more of your valuable time with people who want the best for you, encourage you, inspire you and enjoy sharing time with you.

Does your circle of friends energize you or drain you dry?

Some of you may be thinking about some of your friends who really need you right now, because times are so difficult. Be there for them then, because this too shall pass and a good friend is just what we need in 2020. But, if they’ve been Debbie Downer for many years and all they do is complain, then maybe you want to reassess that relationship.

Don’t let Debbie Downer bring you down every day

The negativity and complaining will suck the good energy from you and drain your spirits. People should take 100% responsibility for their own life, happiness and the things they do with their days. 

Jack Canfield offers free resources and worth so much

You get to choose your ‘circle of friendships’ and it’s a big decision. Please don’t misunderstand me on this point. If a dear friend is going through something unusual or disheartening, and they need a dear friend, that’s a different story. We all have those times when we need an ear, a hug or a hand. I’m talking about those people who are constantly depressed and just want to complain. If you are a therapist, then I understand. But if your friends are dragging you down into the rut they’ve been in for years, it’s up to you to limit your time with them to save yourself. Pity parties get old and I don’t want you to get old with them.

Here’s a holiday tip for you.

Instead of watching sitcoms or news on television. Watch YouTube channels that feature Mel Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Ed Mylett, Anthony Robbins and other inspiring speakers. You will feel so much better!

This YouTube link to Ed Mylett and Maria Menounos will inspire you!

There are so many things you can do to create or find more happiness this season and into 2021. Choose one of these tips and share with your circle of friends. I wish you peace and happiness.