St. Louis Keynote presentation

The best audiences I enjoy speaking in front of are those with a willingness to learn, excel, work smarter and work with the goal of being one of the Best in their line of work! This group in St. Louis was eager, enthusiastic and passionate!

I spoke to more than 150 advisors at a sales training conference in St. Louis last week. The feedback was as tremendous as their enthusiasm to learn more, be better, work smarter and continue building a wildly successful business.  Referrals, client events, SO WHAT positioning statements and tips from million dollar producers were my topics of the day. If more companies provided training like this, with industry experts to share their ideas and stories, we would see many more successful and happy sales leaders!

The Best sales people train and work like professional and Olympic caliber athletes. They yearn to learn, want to be the best they can be, have challenging goals and the discipline to reach the next level of success. There is never a crowd at the top because very few will go the “extra mile” to reach success!

Is your sales team ready for 2013 ? I’ve been in sales for most of the last 30 years and among the top 5% in sales success ~ so if you need a presentation of success stories to get 2013 started with confidence and enthusiasm, then you should call me at 781 264-3361…..before your competition does and gets a “leg-up” on you.

All the best ~