Inspiration & Motivation

Neil Wood is a motivational and inspirational speaker who speaks from his heart. He grew up very poor, spent time in multiple foster homes and survived on welfare for many years as a young boy. Life at home was very challenging during his teen years, so Neil started reading books by Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie and other motivational and inspirational speakers. These books helped him think more positively and have hope about his future. He started working at 13 years old to help support his mother and siblings while his father was stationed overseas with the U.S. Navy Seals.

When his father returned home and was able to support his family, Neil decided to leave home at 16. A friend’s family took him in as their foster son. That’s when Neil’s world changed dramatically for the better. He was finally surrounded with an environment filled with encouragement, love and happiness. That environment set the stage for the next 46 years of success, wealth, passion and numerous accomplishments. That experience taught him how important it is to encourage others, to think and act positively, to have worthwhile goals and to live life with passion.

Neil’s mission in life is to help others build confidence, improve their attitude, learn how to set goals,  and to have more fun and success in life. He has spoken to more than 50,000 people in his career and shares his passion and energy every time.


  • US Air Force Veteran, Top Secret Clearance
  • US Olympic Trials marathon runner
  • 2-time marathon winner and New Hampshire Record holder at 2:17
  • Ironman finisher (visualization and attitude helps with this event )
  • Author of five books on sales, marketing and inspiration.