Motivational Speakers Inspire People.

Motivational and Inspirational speakers inspire people to get better, work effectively, efficiently and accomplish more in life. Why do the best athletes, CEOs, movie stars, sales reps attend motivational seminars and hire coaches?  Because they know the value of having a mentor to guide them in their career and relationships, to help them overcome fears and become even more successful.

Everyone needs a coach. We all need people to give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

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The majority of my clients hired me when they needed insight into what was next in their career. As a coach, I work with clients to create the roadmap with encouragement and appropriate feedback along the way. I see the potential they have and sometimes have to be the coach who says, “You’ve got this. You know you can try just a little bit more to reach the peak in your mind’s eye.”

My clients are competitive, successful and goal-oriented people.

How often do I talk with my clients?  That depends on the client and the mission we are working on together. I let them decide how much coaching they want.

Do we meet in person, by phone or by zoom on the computer?    I meet with clients in person when we can, or face to face on, zoom, skype or face-time. I’ll meet with my clients in any fashion they prefer because I want this to be a rewarding experience.

Is coaching expensive?  I’ve always had the attitude that it’s not what something costs, but what it’s worth. How important is it for you to reach these BIG goals? What’s in it for you? How committed are you? How often do we need to meet or talk?  In my opinion, when you can partner with someone who ‘gets it’ and is motivated by your success, it’s worth every dollar.