Become an Excellent Virtual Presenter with these 3 tips

There are more than 250 million people using zoom and Microsoft Teams every day, and multiple times a day in many cases. The two most popular regrets by Buyers?  Boring presentations and few sales people can justify the ROI. 

"Virtual selling will be more fun, interesting, effective and successful if you invest your energy and time!"

  1. Rehearse and Record: You should absolutely rehearse and record your presentation before you are in front of an audience. If you're a subscriber to zoom or Teams, you can record on their platform. Otherwise, use your phone to record it and then review with a critical eye. How are your facial expressions and hand movements?  Eye contact? Voice? Energy?    You are 'on-stage' and better be prepared to stand out in the crowd of virtual presentations the audience is seeing every week. 
  2. Script and Rehearse:   Think of your favorite movies. Everything the actors said and did was scripted. They don't just show up and 'wing it', so neither should you.  There is simply NO ROOM for mediocrity in this world. Do your best every day and you'll easily stand out and make an impact - especially when you follow these tips. Ask a friend or colleague to watch you present or review your movie clip. These are lessons to help you become more effective with your listening audience. They are hoping to see a riveting presentation instead of another boring one. Do not disappoint them!
  3. Add Stories to your presentation:   People remember stories and can resonate with them, when they are told effectively. Of course, the stories should be relevant to the point you are making in your presentation. When talking with prospects about your company's offerings, services, products or whatever you do, a good success story goes a long way in convincing them to say "YES!"   Share a story about a prospect who had hesitations about investing the money with your company. You should have at least six success stories about other prospects who had doubts, but went ahead and made the investment. Tell the audience how much it impacted productivity, ROI, the career of the decision maker and all the positives that are relevant to the prospect you are talking with. 

          One of the Best ways to get success stories is to brainstorm with  a few members of your sales team. Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich (published in 1932) talked about Mastermind Groups. When you meet with some of your peers to create and share success stories, you've created a Mastermind group. You'll never 'wing-it' again and your stories will resonate with your audience. 

                   Being good is not enough when you visualize being Great!


Virtual training and meetings are here for the long run, so you might as well be the best you can be. There are so many simple tips you can practice to become more effective.  Check out RAIN Group's blog and their posts on LinkedIn. RAIN Group is consistently awarded the TOP 20 Sales Training companies on the planet, year after year. They are known for their extensive global research and highly trained Facilitators.  

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The top professionals in sports, business, public speaking, and many other venues work with coaches. Consider the resources you'll find with RAIN Group as a Coaching session. I'll also be a coach to you with these posts. 

Please share your success stories with me. Let this be the beginning of your journey to becoming the best virtual presenter you can be. 

I wish you great success, plenty of fun, and maybe more money than you expected in 2021. 



Neil Wood