Best Practices and Inspiration

We’ve had quite a few calls for sales presentations at national and regional sales meetings this quarter. Since I design each presentation around the needs of the audience, I asked each client what they needed to hear at the meeting. Each one said they want ideas for Best Practices so that their sales teams can understand their clients more effectively and as a result boost sales.  And not surprisingly, they also told me that sales weren’t as robust as expected this year. I hear that a lot these days.  So they asked if I would share inspirational and encouraging stories about others who had faced challenges in sales, life and business.

Inspirational stories can’t motivate anyone, but they sure can give someone a different perspective when they hear about someone else who faced a challenge, took action and turned the situation around in a positive way. I’ve collected stories like these for forty years and have dozens of them on a laminated sheet of paper in my briefcase. They say that bathing doesn’t last long, so that’s why we must do it daily. It’s the same recipe for motivation and inspiration. We need that daily boost to keep us energized, positive and productive. We all face adversity at one time or another. It may cause a stall in our productivity but it shouldn’t stop us. Finding ways to overcome obstacles is sometimes easier in a brainstorming session at a meeting with other superstars. That in itself is a Best Practice in my opinion.

Let me know if your team needs a boost. You know how much I enjoy helping my clients boost their attitude and their sales, so it’s the ultimate Win-Win.


Good Selling,