Consultative Selling

Consultative selling isn’t a new concept, but only a small percentage of people actually implement it in their business. If you want to increase sales, get more referrals and gain clients for life, then this is a skill you must learn and apply for 2013.

It’s been proven that the more questions you ask a prospect or a client, and the better you listen, their level of trust of you increases dramatically. The questions you ask, how you “script” those questions and the level of your listening skills can help you create a level of trust that can’t be broken. (unless you make some regrettable mistakes of course)    I learned this skill and applied it to my business 15 years ago and was astonished at the response. Not only were my clients and prospects touched that I cared so much about them, but they were stunned when I asked if I could take notes while I listened to their answers. It’s simple to apply. If you’d like to hear more, feel welcome to send a note to