Best Practices with your book of business

There’s an ocean of new business out there this year!  Are you “fishing where the fish are”?

Mark Magnacca is one of my all-time favorite best-selling authors in the financial services and sales industries. One of the key points he’s made in his writings and seminars, is the importance of fishing where the fish are. While you are prospecting or asking for referrals, are you going to the best location to attract the type of clients you really want to do business with?

When I prospected and cold-called during my days as a wholesaler, I found it exciting to call on a prospect I’d never met and do my best to establish enough rapport to persuade them to become a client. Then I learned about asking for referrals from my top clients. Mark Magnacca took it one step further. “Don’t just ask for a referral” he advised me. “Ask for a personal introduction, either in person or by phone.” That was it!!  That was the “AHA” moment that made a huge difference in my business! My best clients trusted me, knew the value I added as a business-building consultant and raved about me every time they could. From that day on, I NEVER cold-called on a prospect again. Each appointment was the result of a “warm, personal introduction” from a top client to one of their friends or peers. To get back to the fishing analogy, instead of fishing with one hook at a time, I felt like I had cast a net to catch schools of fish. It was really that easy and so much more fun and less time-consuming!

Are you “partnering” with your better clients and contacts? I know we are all told to work hard ~ but learning how to work smarter makes our efforts so much more rewarding! The best question I asked by best clients is this: “Who else do you know whom I can help the way I’ve helped you increase your business or  revenue?”  If your relationship is truly solid, they’ll gladly help you by connecting them with the best people for your skills. Yes, it’s as easy as that!  Try it, and share your success stories with me!