Adding Value In Life

During the last 27 years of my career in the financial services industry, I’ve been hired by a few great companies and a few mediocre companies. Business was easier to find when I was with the great companies but I had to work five times harder to gain traction when I represented the fledgling mediocre companies. But that provided many good lessons for me because I had to be more creative and do things that my competition wouldn’t do. So I studied my competition, asked my current clients and prospects about the best and worst regional vice-presidents in my region and asked for their advice on how to be more valuable to them.

The Best Practices of Successful Financial Advisors The best financial advisors I worked with suggested I become a student of the sport and learn what advisors need to build their own business. “Fill that niche and your business opportunities will be unlimited.” So many advisors needed help gaining referrals, so I read all I could about the best ways to gain more referrals and how to convert them to become clients. I also studied why clients left their advisors. Some left when they moved to a new state or if a relative became an advisor but 79% left because they didn’t feel valued or appreciated. I learned how to host client events that would bring dozens of clients, significant others and a few invited guests together at an event they enjoyed. Then I taught advisors the 10-step process to host these events successfully. I taught them how to script what to say at the event and how to practice it so often like actors do. When it was their time on stage, they aced it and everything they said was sincere and comfortable.

I became known as the sales rep that added real value to their business because I was client focused like they were. Thanks to the Law of Reciprocity, when they would receive a very large sum of money from a new or existing client, they would allocate a portion of those assets to the fund manager I represented. I ALWAYS thanked them when I saw the business hit my sales report. They didn’t want gifts in return nor would I offer, but the thank you was always appreciated.

How can you add more value to the business and personal relationships you have? If you need a few ideas, get a copy of my new #1 International Best Seller on Amazon. I guarantee you’ll gain an idea or two that will be worth much more than what you invest in the Kindle or paperback version.

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