Thanksgiving 2020

Yes, it’s been one of those years we will remember for a lifetime. So many changes, so much turmoil and so many life events that impacted us. Some were good and for millions of others, not what we were hoping for. As always, we’ve adapted and are doing all we can to make the most of life.

It’s Thanksgiving eve, so this will be brief. All I can do is encourage you to find something you are grateful for. The thoughts that fill our mind are 100% OUR responsibility. When you focus, even for a moment, on what you are grateful for: family, friends, life, health or whatever is meaningful to you, it changes your mindset. I challenge you to a 30-day challenge. Pause each morning and before you go to sleep, and write down or even think about something you are grateful for. Feel welcome to share your thoughts with a friend or family. It’s up to us to share some kindness, good energy, hope and encouragement.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.